Operational Intelligence

Root cause analysis and bottleneck recognition to estimate business performance metrics leading to improvements on:

  • Operational decision-making
  • Working capital management
  • Process, resource and cost management

Supply chain management

Supply forecasting, demand forecasting, preventive warnings on inventory control and provide for improvements on:

  • Stock control
  • Inventory management
  • Demand and supply planning
  • Order fulfilment

Production management

  • Demand and throughput forecasting
  • Process quality prediction
  • Production loss root cause analysis

Leading to improvements on:

  • Production process management
  • Overall equipment effectiveness
  • Overall resource effectiveness

Predictive maintenance

Root cause failure analysis and prediction
Remaining useful lifetime prediction
Predictive monitoring and preventive maintenance

  • Root cause failure analysis and predictions
  • Remaining useful lifetime predictions • Predictive monitoring and preventive
  • Predictive monitoring and preventive maintenance

Leading to improvements on:

  • Asset lifetime and uptime
  • Total productivity maintenance
  • Maintenance and repair costs management

Risk management

Improvements in:

  • Counterparty risk analytics
  • Potential damage predictions Leading to improvements on:
    • Risk mitigation
    • Credit risk management
    • Liquidity risk management
    • Fraud detection

Customer analytics

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Customer behavior predictions
  • Sales forecasting
  • Leading to improvements on:

  • Cost per customer/lead
  • Revenue per customer
  • Lead conversion rate
  • Customer acquisition and retention